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Monday, 20 May 2019, 4:26 PM
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Lineage II Nemesis
L2NemesisDate: Thursday, 01 Jan 2015, 1:52 AM | Message # 1
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Grand Opening 3/1/2015  18:00 GMT +2
Dont Miss The Epic Start!

Clan Event
15+ Active Members
Clans With 15+ active members will receive clan level 6 and 25.000 CRP

Free Clan Hall
Clan with 45+ active members will receive free clan hall of their choice
Clan Events will end 04/01/2015 00:00 GMT +2

Hello everyone and Welcome to L2Nemesis Network!
We are very close on our openings and its a very crucial moment for us becouse we worked very hard to give you a well set gameplay.
Our main goal is to run a balanced and fun server.
Our Server welcomes all players from all over the world
GMs Will be here for your needs
We,ll be honest, the server is new, Currently the server is open as a beta test, and the official opening date is setted 03/1/2015.
Another thing that we are proud of, we are planning to do many events for all the levels and even and able for all classes!
Friendly GMs, Friendly Community and lot of fun

If you have any suggestions feel free to make a thread to our forum. Advertising Event! (Win 10 Euros In you ACP!)

Server's Rates
Exp/Sp = x100
Enchant Rate For Fighters = x65
Blessed Enchant For Fighters = x75
Enchant Rate For Mages = x55
Enchant Rate for Mages = x65
Weapons Safe/Max = 3/20
Armors Safe/max = 3/10
Adena = x300
Spoil = x2
Drop Items = x1
Party XP = X2

Server Time = UTC +2
Buff Duration = 3hours
Buff Slots = 24(+2)
Geodata and Pathnodes
Class Master
Offline Shop Mode
Auto Learn Skills
Auto Learn Loot
Wedding System
Upgrader Shop
Event Npc/Engine With Many Events
Buffer Npc
GK Global
Misc Shop
Clan Npc
Seal Stones Exchanger
Armor Shop
Weapon Shop Till A-Grade

Apella Armor (Balanced Stats) You Have To Upgrade S-grade Armor To Apella
Epic Armor (Balanced Stats) You Have To Upgrade Apella Armor To Epic
Event Engine ( Deathmatch, Domination, Last Man Standing, Lucky Chests, TvT, CtF,Korean PvP)
Custom Boss Zone
Custom Community System
Pincode System

Farming / PvP / Party Zones
Cave Of Trials  (S-Grade/Ancient Adena)
This Farming Area contains custom mobs wich can be killed by all 70+ LvL players.
4 LvL 80 Mini Bosses are inside the rooms of the cave. (Respawn time : 30 min, custom droplist)
Mobs drop list contain the following items:
1) All S-Grade Weapon (Only from Mini Bosses)
2) Seal stones wich can be traded to ancient adena in Main Town (100% Chance)
3) L2-Days Letters ( You Can Trade Them On Shop For Blood Of Chaos)
4) Adena (100% chance).

Imperial Tomb - No Pk Zone Inside Rooms (S-Grade Weapons- Blood Of Chaos)
Mobs drop list contains the following items:
1) All S-Grade Weapons no special abillity (Custom Chance)
2) Blood Of Chaos Only By Spoil (Needed to Upgrade Items)
3) Adena (100% Chance)

Custom Raid Boss Area - No Pk Zone
This area can be accesed by Claudius (Boss Zone Npc) next to Global GateKeeper
By entering this area you come against a 4floor special Raid Bosses with increasing difficulty.
Each boss has custom stats and a special droplist with boosted drops.

Message edited by L2Nemesis - Thursday, 01 Jan 2015, 1:53 AM
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