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Prophecy Clan
We are the Prophecy Clan and most of our members played on Official Server based on Asia (It was open year 2007), but after few years that server closed. We fall in love with the game Lineage II, so we are pushed to play on private server.
Prophecy Clan is an International English speaking clan. Our priority is the Clan level and we always aim at max level, Clan Hall, Castle and the most important for pvp are the clan skills.
First of all we are not hardcore no-lifers most of us have jobs/schools and even families but we still aim on how can we be the best "PRO" player in the server. Average clan members online is 2-4 hours but still we are having a good time in game.  We meet a lot of professional players on other server and learn a lot of things that we've not seen by just playing on Official Server.
Combining the player's knowledge and experience... and that's what our clan is all about. We are mixed of hardcore and casual players, our clan's combinations are perfect because we share common goals. We can accept newbie but we prefer experienced L2 players, at the moment we are recruiting lvl 85+ and with 2+ hours daily online. 

We have huge facebook community with old and new players.
We help our clan mates to level up by organizing exp groups.
We help our players with tips how to faster lvl up what quests to make and so on .

Our Mission is to help all clan members to be strong players.
Our Vision is to become solid community of friendly skilled players for daily clan activities and be one of the strongest clan in the server.

  1. To be in clan you need to have Discord Apps at least in listening mode available
  2. Participate in clan activities like Raids/PvP
  3. Represent our clan in respective behavior and skill
  4. Always talk to clan chat in English so all clan members will understand
  5. Help clan members and as a side consequence help yourself
  6. Must be a well rounded person and open minded- no drama plz its just a game ^^
  7. Don't insult your clanmates, if something is wrong, instead teach him how he can be strong
  8. Share your knowledge we are in clan, so we need to work as a team

The clan clean-up weekly occurs and we monitor each member's level.
We kick out a member that doesn't level-up and who we think are no benefit for our team

Recruiting rules:

  1. Only players who can use Team Speak 3. If you cant you will not be invited cos no ts = useless in sieges/pvp You don't need to be there all the time but MUST be able to use it in sieges/pvp/raids
  2. Main 85+ (Awaken) and daily online
  3. Academy 70+ 
Mentoring Rules:
We already have a group of awakened players who are giving mentee slots and they are given first to ppl who
  1. Are loyal and contribute in clan
  2. Have better online
  3. Use TS or participate in Clan Forum
Important: Recruiting Clans to our Alliance .
  1. Clan leader/officers need to have Team Speak 3. We have channel online 24/7 server and Alliance sub-channel for ally events.
  2. Clan should be at least level 6 and fast growing.
  3. Daily online 20+ members and most of online are Awaken Class.
  4. Clan members must have a respect to other players especially under our alliance.
As a team our PROPHECY begins.
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