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Main » 2012 » May » 10 » Nobless Guide TAUTI Update Lineage2 Goddess of Destruction Chapter 2
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Nobless Guide TAUTI Update Lineage2 Goddess of Destruction Chapter 2
Nobless Quest Step:

1. The whereabouts of prophecy-1: subclass level must be level 75, go to Goddard town and meet Serena to take the quest of nobless, the soul of test quest.
2. The whereabouts of prophecy-2: Serena knowing well the fate of the invisible part of the prophecy is because eating monster called party, killing monsters and import fragments of the prophecy of the fate of future decreed that should be able to see clearly.
3. Serena's annexe: go to north of hot spring area to take treatment of snipped the prophecy by killing the eatin monster (it is look like medusa).
4. The whereabouts of prophecy-3: After you obtain a fragment of the prophecy of the town when you return to Serena's annexe Goddard town. Unseen footage of the prophecies will be able to see clearly. Video of the prophecy of the water goddess (EVA) bar ends to say you need help, if the contents of the Serena, to where the bars are sent to the water goddess.
5. Heed the call of the goddess: When you move to a place right in front of Eva's incarnation of the goddess of water can be found. Then you will talk with Eva, Eva's incarnation and the conversation was the goddess of water before your own Shilient rapid revival of the energy to contiaminated the water. Eva need help to stop this, She need to constrained the water power to stop the Shilient force by cleansed the water aura with the materials to create a weapon to bring you begging for it to hold water bottles, and summon the stone, the spring-return-on gives the area back.
6. Water purification, the first material: go to hot spring area and then collect the water power by dealing with the water on hot spring area.
7. Because of the stone of task completion, subpoena summoning-1: then, start to summoning the stone to call Eva follower Ranya. Ranyaege bottle containing water to give the second material of 10 Heavy Leather should have wished for.
8. Water purification, the second material: emerged the hot spring area from the Yeti, Bandersnatch and Grendel to get 10 braid leathers from them.
9. Because of the stone of task completion, subpoena summoning-2: after collecting material, summon the Ranya and give the braided leather materials to her. The third ingredient can be obtained by seedling scoops to Brazier God heart.
10. Water purification materials, the third: use the keyboard to move to a flower of fire around, and this can be seen to have multiple. Fire flower seedling scoops after you click blow a cloud you can get, so let's get five lights to lighten up.
11. Because of the stone of task completion, subpoena summoning-3: summon Ranya and start to talk with her, she will ask you a solid fossil - gives the trust of the island back.
12. Water purification, the fourth material: go to isle prayer - hiene and hunt Seychelleson, Age Ardmore, Soneratiah, Cas Talia, Keuskolria, Pitiah to cloud the water infuser and get a solid fossil.
13. Because of the stone of task completion, subpoena summoning-4: after collecting 10 solid fossils, you can summon Ranya again for next step. Ranya will ask you to give back the material to Eva.
14. Unto of Serena: After getting the sack of containing ingredients, back to Eva's incarnation.
15. Water purifying inorganic materials shipping: after talk with Eva's incarnation deliver the sack to Aden Caste to help the seed return back for the fortune during the light and dark siege. Plant the seed in particular area. Note that the siege is from 10: 00: - 12: 00 pm on Sunday, a two-week intervals to determine the best schedule gets underway siege.
16. Examination of the soul: Eva received the incarnation of Aden Castle return soul. When the siege held on Sunday between 10 to 12 pm there will be swirling circles in a particular region area shown up. The seed will help on that place by wooden tree to trail of the floor summoning. The Eva's blessing will help the player for CP recover within a range during the Light and dark siege.
17. Unto of Serena: after trail the floor on Aden castle town, back to Serena.
18. Traces of powder delivery: Serena will asked you for nobless dialog and you will earn nobless tiara, 10 dimension diamond and 12625440 exp.Mission finish.
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